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​Below Super Green Dome Home in the British Virgin Islands

With stood 2017 Hurricane Irma’s 200 mph winds with no damage.



The dome, or partial sphere, is a geometric form that encloses the greatest amount of volume with the least amount of surface area. Historically, massive domes constructed of stones, brick or concrete were common in ancient Greece and Rome. In modern times, Buckminster Fuller was the first to formulate geodesic principles for constructing a spherical surface by triangular subdivision. However nearly all of Fuller’s domes were built from wood framing with shingled roofs.

Concrete panels makes construction easier than stick built construction or pumping concrete on to an air form and results in the dome triangle and riser panels having a 225 mph wind and F4 tornado warranty and being super-energy efficient.

Why build a concrete geodesic Super Green Dome Home? of prefabricated concrete component panels versus a box shaped conventional house?  The dome, or partial sphere, is a geometric form that encloses the greatest amount of volume with the least amount of surface area.   During the past decade the home buying public has experienced increased Acts of Nature (tornadoes, hurricanes, fires), a substantial increase in the cost of construction, the cost of energy and the cost of borrowing.  

As a building concept, geodesic dome construction translates into a highly comfortable and livable building that has a maximum of floor area enclosed by a minimum of materials. These features combine superior strength, superior energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a single structure.  In short, the building concept of a dome expands the range of simple and economic building options.  The structural components of the home;  2) the finished concrete exterior surface;  3) installs all the R28 insulation; and  4) installs all the special shell ½” Georgia Pacific DensArmor Drywall that is moisture resistant and mold resistant (similar to green board

Why build a geodesic dome – Super-strength, super-energy efficiency, low exterior maintenance and fire resistant concrete exterior? The geodesic geometry intersects to form triangular elements, which have local, triangular rigidity, and so distribute the structural stress throughout the geodesic sphere.  The triangle shape is the strongest shape known to man – it will not collapse whereas all other shapes can.  Manufactured domes are constructed using a triangular network to form a spherical shape. This method provides for a free span, self-supporting structure requiring no internal supports such as roof load bearing partition walls. This allows for maximum flexibility of floor plan design and utilization of interior space.  One of the most exciting architectural environments ever designed, a dome brings its best attributes to commercial or residential needs.  It delivers a rewarding living experience filled with warmth, light and open space to those who choose to build a dome. 

As an architectural form, the dome is one of the strongest structural forms devised and built by man.  Domes that were built centuries ago enclose many of the great cathedrals of Europe. Domes are structurally superior to rectilinear enclosures. The partial sphere is an aerodynamic shape that is very stable in high winds and can withstand heavy snow loads.   For these reasons, concrete domes greatly exceed the structural requirements of the major building codes in the United States and internationally.  British Virgin Islands withstood Hurricane Irma’s 200 winds with no damage.  An in South Carolina withstood the impact of a 30” in diameter hickory tree with no damage because the continuous galvanized steel mesh in the panels transferred the impact throughout the dome versus when a tree impacts a box shaped house the impact is localized in one area resulting in the tree slicing through the roof.  225-mph wind and EF4 Tornado warranty on the dome exterior prefab triangle and riser panels.   This article explains more about dome strength.

1.    Because the dome’s 7” thick insulation is comparable to 10” of fiberglass batting (A conventional house would need minimum 2×12 walls filled with 10” of fiberglass batting and still not meet the energy efficiency of the Ai dome because the 2×12 would interrupt the insulation)

2.    the reduced exterior surface area of the dome is 30% less than a conventional house so there are less exterior walls for the air conditioning and heating to try to pass through.

3.    and because the exterior triangle and riser panels of a SGDH  contain no wood to interrupt the insulation.

Other advantages & its panel materials are:

Fire Resistant Exterior Concrete:  system does not contain wood framing (ribs) to interrupt the R28 insulation.  The prefab panels contain no wood to burn or rot or for termites to eat.  All prefab materials are noncombustible with the exterior of the panel being fire resistant concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh. 

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