5000 Watts Green Powered Generator

Free Green Power its Silent, Portable, No Gas or Oil Needed! Special  5000 Watts per hour Power Green Generator. It is an Expandable System, can add more for more time if needed. Batteries 12-volt 100 amps. If you have your Discount Code you recieve additional savings. Let us know if you need one? How many Watts do you consume per hour? Free Green Download.  You will be able to see how much Wattages per hour. Check your Light Bill. Look at your KWPH that is how many Watts you use per hour. Thats how you pay Electricity per hour. Free Green Tip.


5000 Watts Green Powered Generator

$1,799.99 Regular Price
$1,699.99Sale Price
  • Batteries have a 4 year warranty a non physical damage. Solar panels have 25-year warranty on non-physical damaged. All the other parts have a one year warranty on non physical damage.

Location: 137 S Courtenay Pkwy Suite 574, Merritt Island, FL 32952, United States

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