Air to Water Drinking System Unit P30
Experience the freshness of clean water produced by air. An amazing technology to end our world's drinking water problems. Pistolatum provides high-quality Air to Drinking water dispensers. 
Model Unit P30 produces 1-3 gallons of water from the atomsphere daily. 
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Air to Water Drinking System Unit P30

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  • Model Unit P30


    Technical Data:

    Production Capacity: 30L/24hr Condition:T:15-32℃ RH:40-95%

    Power Supply: 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz

    Rated Input (generation water): 220V/350W,110V/400W

    Heating Capacity: 5L/H

    Rated Input (heating): 500W

    Cooling Capacity: 2L/H Rated input(cooling):80W(when made with two compressors)

    Filter System: PP+CTO+T33+RO+UV

    Original Water Tank: 4L Pure water tank:12L

    Refrigerant: R134a

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