Experience the freshness of clean water produced by air. An amazing technology to end our world's drinking water problems. Pistolatum provides high-quality Air to Drinking water dispensers. 


Model P-1000 Convert 1,000 gallons of water from the air. 

Air to Water Drinking System Unit P-1000

  • Model P-1000


    Technical Data:

    Production capacity: 1000L/day (25℃/80%HR)

    Input power: 25.5KW

    Power: 380-220V/50Hz

    Wind volume: 11200㎡/h

    Obstruction of the wind: <180pa

    Refrigeration: R407C 

    Volume: 12KG

    Original Water Tank: 40L

    Pure Water Tank: 500L

    Filter system: UF+PP+CTO

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